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(tenses) Sadly, despite high inflation, we ____ a 5% pay rise last year (one point)

(tenses) If inflation keeps rising, interest rates ________ high (one point)

(basic grammar) DeutscheBank has plans to reduce staff ______ 20% (one point)

(basic grammar) Sam was ________ criticised by the boss, which made him angry (one point)

(basic grammar) We are looking for ____ investors to help our move into new markets (one point)

(basic grammar) By the end of this year, Apple __________ almost a billion i-phones! (one point)

(basic grammar) Coca Cola _________ by millions of people every day (one point)

(vocabulary) The money that can be used for operations or a project (one point)

(vocabulary) To get a better job, post, or position in a company (one point)

(vocabulary) You are removed from your job because of "bad behaviour" (one point)

(vocabulary) When you stop working because you are "old" or too ill to continue (one point)

(vocabulary) The place where shares are bought and sold ie. Wall St, The WIG 20....(one point)

(vocabulary) When workers are not needed because of new technology or the business has problems (one point)

(vocabulary) When two organisations or departments join and become one (one point)

(vocabulary) If a company cannot pay its bills and cannot continue, it will... (one point)

(word-building) An __________ marketing strategy is important for success (two points)

(word-building) Product __________ can be expensive and takes a long time but it is very important (two points)

(word-building) We work in __________ with a few social media companies that help with marketing (two points)

(word-building) The shares fell __________ in value when the scandal appeared

(two points)

(word-building) The budget calculations were _________ and we lost a lot of money (two points)

(word-building) It’s important for a manager to be __________ when dealing with staff conflict (two points)

(word-building) Our accountants made a huge ___________ which affected our share price (two points)

(word-building) My friend is an experienced ___________ , working with different companies (two points)

(word-building) We were happy with their product so we decided to ___ the contract (two points)

(word-building) The manager was really __________ and no-one wanted to work with him (two points)

(phrasal verbs) The secretary ___________ her job quietly and effectively (one point)

(phrasal verbs) This business was __________in 2006 (one point)

(phrasal verbs) We need to __________ our business loan before 2029 (one point)

(phrasal verbs) Hundreds of workers were __________ as the economic crisis got worse (two points)

(phrasal verbs) We had to ___________ our client's debts when they went bankrupt (two points)

(jargon) During __ , we were told about the company, its objectives, and the most important people (one point)

(jargon) We do our own __________ training and never use external trainers or “gurus”(one point)

(jargon) Before the project starts, we’ll have a short meeting to check we’re all __________ (two points)

(jargon) The accounts look good but I want to __________ into the numbers to see the "truth" (two points)

(jargon) We overpaid for the new software and left money on the ___________ (one point)

(idioms) New employees are being offered a _____ handshake because we really need new staff (one point)

(idioms) The contract negotiations went to the ___________ and I really thought it might not happen (two points)

(idioms) Why do you always ____________ to the boss? You need to be stronger and say no sometimes (two points)

(idioms) We need to sell more products but also increase prices. How can we square the __________ ? (two points)

(idioms) If you don’t work faster, we’ll never finish - You need to give it some __________ (two points)

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